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Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Asthma

Suffering from asthma can be difficult, as there is no known cure. However, many have praised the healing and soothing effects of essential oils for asthma.

Have you ever enjoyed the aroma of a rose? If so, you have experienced what essential oils are like.

Essential oils come from plants and are highly concentrated versions of the plants’ natural oils. The oils take on the characteristics of the plants, both the smell and any of the plants’ characteristics.

When purchasing oils, you can opt for a single oil from a particular plant or oil blends, which combine oils to produce a certain effect. Essential oils increase energy, improve health and improve sleep.

Once you have decided to use essential oils, you might want to try an essential oil diffuser. These units disperse essential oils into the atmosphere so you can better experience their healing and therapeutic properties.

Essential oil diffusers range in type and price, so there are many available to choose from.

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Best Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergents for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

Laundry detergent is often an overlooked irritation for people with asthma and allergies. Many of the leading brands of laundry detergents have irritating fragrances and chemicals that can make allergies and asthma worse.

For many asthmatics the best laundry detergent to get is unscented and all natural laundry detergent; although, some people with minor asthma or allergies can tolerate some scents. It is important to look for a detergent with plant based ingredients instead of petroleum based ingredients.

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Best Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaners With Ultraviolet Light

Whether it’s for your home or business, keeping your space free of dust mites, allergens and bacteria is well worth the time and effort.

These irritants can cause real problems and cost a lot of money, in addition to making you and your guests miserable.

A dust mite vacuum with ultraviolet light can be a great way to destroy these dangers and irritants without using harsh chemicals.

In fact, studies show that UV-C light is extremely effective on eggs and adult house dust mites.

But how do you know how to choose the right dust mite vacuum with UV light?

There are lots of dust mite vacuums with ultraviolet light on the market, and they’re not all created the same.

Making the right choice can mean the difference between health and happiness and outright misery. With that in mind, here’s what you should look for when you purchase a dust mite vacuum with ultraviolet light.

We also highlight our top 5 picks and important things to think about when you make your choice:

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5 Best Indoor Plants for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

As an allergy or asthma sufferer, you no doubt know that some plants aggravate your symptoms.

A case in point is the 2006 study by Mahillon, Saussez, and Michel of Belgium that found that nearly 80 percent of participants in the study had positive results of skin prick tests to at least one plant tested, and the most frequent plants that caused sensitization were Ficus benjamina, yucca, ivy, and palm tree.

What if you could populate the inside of your house, however, with plants that actually help your symptoms? A 1989 NASA study found that several plants can actually help reduce indoor pollution.

The Knox County, Tennessee Master Gardener organization points out that the new emphasis in energy efficiency that results in tightly sealed spaces and synthetic building materials ends up causing pollutants to be trapped in buildings that are not well-ventilated.

Five of those plants and their air-scrubbing properties are listed here to help you create a cleaner indoor environment and thus to potentially improve your health.

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