About Us

It is known that millions of people all over the world live with allergic diseases. It is known that dust mites are among the most common triggers of asthma and year-round allergies, and yet there remains a huge gap in healthcare services, especially preventive measures, for those affected by these immune diseases. We, at Fighting Dustimites, are here to help.

Our goal is to raise the profile of allergy at different levels, with a vision for every patient affected by it to receive the best support and care possible.

Meet our team:

Marixie Ann Manarang  


As a licensed Medical Laboratory Scientist and an undergraduate of Doctor of Medicine, I envisioned a career in my own clinical laboratory conducting microbiological testing to determine disease-causing microbes and the best treatment options. But after giving birth to my first-born child, I decided to stay home to be a full-time and that started my journey as a medical writer.

During my pre-medical course, I had my training in the laboratory of a government hospital for a year where I rotated in a variety of sections – Microbiology, Immunology and Serology, Pathology, Blood Bank, and Blood Chemistry. In medical school, I was also given the opportunity to see and help treat patients with different medical conditions, including allergies and skin diseases.

As medical professionals, we cover diagnostic laboratory testings from A to Z. We do everything from providing the most accurate testing results to predicting the most effective antibiotics to prescribe. These experiences provided a strong foundation for my career.

Even if I am no longer out in the field to do medical services, I still want to be of help to others. I was blessed with the gift of knowledge and writing skills that not all people are lucky to have. I kept my eyes open for opportunities where I can use these gifts to help people. So here I am, working with Paulo, giving you information and inspiration on how you can battle allergies and still live your life to the full!

Paulo Santos

Founder & Editor

I’m Paulo, an Information and Electronics Engineer and now a wellness and healthy living educator. I like to inspire people worldwide to take personal account for creating abundant health with easy to follow tips and well-researched information.

My career as an Engineer was challenged by allergies. I always have a runny nose and red, watery, itchy eyes. Sneezing and fatigue were my constant companions. These uncomfortable symptoms come and go every season and every time that I would change locations. There was even an instance that my attack became so severe that I nearly suffered from a very serious complication.

My allergy continued to affect my performance, especially off-site. I knew I had to do something, other than just taking medications. In 2012, I’ve decided to take my research about dust mites allergy and asthma to a whole new level. Through perseverance, I finally found a good article about dust mites and their allergy-causing feces and dead bodies. Knowing the real cause of my allergies made my recovery a breeze! I followed the recommended treatment options, both medical and natural home remedies, and performed preventive measures. These combinations of treatments and practices have helped greatly in alleviating most of my symptoms.

Overcoming attacks and depression with the help of medications and natural practices inspired me to launch this website to raise the profiles of dust mite allergy and asthma at different levels, with a vision for every patient affected by them to receive the best support and care possible.

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