Best Canister Vacuums for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

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As anyone with asthma or allergies knows, keeping a clean home is key to keeping symptoms under control and manageable.

Vacuuming is integral to cleaning your home, and as you consider what type of vacuum to get, you should take into consideration several factors.

Canister vacuums are a great choice if you have upholstery and draperies that you want to clean, and they are also great at getting into tight spaces that upright vacuums have a difficult time with.

They are incredibly versatile and able to handle just about any vacuuming job you can throw at them.

Quick Comparison: 5 Best Canister Vacuums for Asthma and Allergy Sufferers

VacuumWeightCord LengthWarrantyPrice
Dyson Ball Compact Animal
Our Best Pick Bagless
13.8 pounds16.4 feet5 yearsCheck Price
Kenmore Progressive
Our Best Pick Bagged
23.1  pounds28 feet1 yearCheck Price
Hoover Quiet Performance
14 pounds22 feet3 yearsCheck Price
Eureka Mighty Mite with Pet Attachments8.6 pounds20 feet1 yearCheck Price
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal
17.64 pounds21 feet5 yearsCheck Price

Things to Consider when choosing a canister vacuum

Filtration system

One feature of the canister vacuum you must think about is its filtration system. A good filtration system (especially a completely sealed HEPA filter system) is what will keep your allergies and asthma symptoms at bay.

Bagged or bagless vacuum

You also need to think about whether you want a bagged or bagless vacuum (although a bagged system will be the best choice so as to keep allergens from escaping back into your environment).

Easy of use

How maneuverable and comfortable the vacuum is to use, its weight, any attachments you need to clean specific parts of your home, and how much noise it makes.

Check out whether the vacuum has an edge cleaner or angled tool and how well it works.

Also consider things like how easy the vacuum is to clean, how long the cord is, and its warranty.

Power of the vacuum

The motor power of the vacuum (amps) is also important, but this, coupled with the quality of the filtration system, is more important.


What types of certification organizations have put their stamp of approval on the vacuum. The ones with Certified asthma and allergy friendly stamp are preferred.

1. Dyson Ball Compact Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Another industry-leading Dyson product, the Dyson Ball Compact Animal Canister vacuum features two tiers of cyclones to gather more microscopic dust than with just one.

It is compact and light to pull. When you move it across different floor surfaces, you’re not pulling a lot of weight behind you.

Storage of this vacuum is easy due to its small size. The Ball technology means that there is no heavy lifting of the vacuum to position into the place you want. You pull, and it follows you smoothly.

The vacuum also has a carbon fiber floor tool that removes dirt from carpet and carbon fiber filaments that remove dust and dirt from hard floor without scratching.

It also comes with a turbine tool that is touted to be tangle free and which you can use to get rid of pesky pet hair from your rugs, carpet, and furniture.

The hygienic bin emptying feature allows you to get rid of the dirt without having to touch it with the touch of a button.

You don’t have to worry about replacing the filter, either, as it has a lifetime filter that you can easily clean as well as a HEPA filter.Some other features include automatic cord rewind, variable suction control, retractable cord, an edge cleaner, and fingertip controls.

  • Lightweight, easy to pull.
  • Easy-to-clean filter that doesn’t require replacement.
  • Dyson Ball technology.
  • Hygienic dust ejector.
  • Pet hair tool.
  • Tips over easily.
  • Rather short cord length in comparison with other canister vacuums.
  • Trigger handle may be difficult for some users.
  • Meant mainly for lightweight cleaning.

If you have a small space to clean and don’t require a workhorse of a canister vacuum, this could well be the vacuum for you. The automatic cord retractor and light weight of the vacuum make it simple to use.

It stores easily and doesn’t come with quite the price tag of the full-size Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister vacuum.

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2. Kenmore Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Progressive, Blueberry


This purple canister vacuum from Kenmore features a Crossover Handle that stores the dusting brush and crevice tool  where you can easily reach them.

The Pet PowerMate and pet upholstery tool make it easier to clean pet hair from furniture. The Stair Grip allows you to set the canister on the stairs to make cleaning them easier.

The HEPA filter makes this a good vacuum for allergy or asthma sufferers, although it is not a particularly unique feature among canister vacuums.

You can easily tell when the bag is full or when to check for clogs with the Electronic Performance Indicator. The variable power feature makes this a versatile vacuum to use on delicate carpet or rugs. It features retractable cord storage.

  • Pet hair attachments.
  • Sits upright on stairs.
  • Retractable cord storage.
  • Bagged design for containing hair and dirt.
  • Plastic materials give it cheaper feel.
  • Easily falls over when in upright position.
  • May be more difficult to maneuver around objects than some canister vacuums.
  • Have to buy replacement bags and filters.

This vacuum comes with about the same price tag as some other canister vacuums that have a rotational feature to make them easier to move around.

It’s also significantly heavier than some other canister vacuums. The purple color doesn’t do much to recommend this unit over others.

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3. Hoover Quiet Performance Bagged Canister Vacuum



The Hoover Quiet Performance Bagged Canister vacuum allows you to swivel around objects in the room easily. It features WindTunnel 3 technology that makes three paths of suction to remove surface dirt as well as more deeply ingrained dirt.

You can control the suction with the 5-speed suction tool to customize the cleaning to your needs.

The filter is a HEPA media filter, and the vacuum comes with an accessory pack with a crevice tool and hard floor brush, among others. An indicator lets you know when it’s time to be replace or clean it.

The Sound Baffling Design keeps the noise level down compared to more traditional vacuums.

  • Lightweight
  • Swivel feature makes it easy to clean around objects.
  • Less expensive than some other canister vacuums.
  • Pet hair attachment.
  • Quiet.
  • Bagged design for containing hair and dirt.
  • Have to purchase bags and replacement filters.
  • Difficult to change attachments.
  • Some users report poor suction.

This vacuum does not have any standout features that would entice a buyer, other than, perhaps, the lower price tag and the fact that it traps hair and dirt in bags. Others might prefer the eject system of another brand, like Dyson.

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4. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum with Pet Attachments


This inexpensive canister vacuum from Eureka comes with pet attachments to get rid of pet hair on your furniture. Its HEPA filter captures most dust and pet dander in your home.

The odor-eliminating dust bag from Arm and Hammer helps get rid of pet odors and captures pet dander. It’s also really lightweight, at less than 9 pounds, compared to other canisters.

It also features height adjustments to allow for use on different floor heights.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Lightweight.
  • Bagged design for containing hair and dirt.
  • Floor attachments may fall off.
  • Thin hose that can get kinked sometimes.
  • Not very good at cleaning corners and edges.
  • Have to buy replacement bags and filters.
  • Some users have mentioned air leakage around HEPA filter.
  • Power cord is wound up beneath the unit.
  • Vacuum gets covered in hair and dust.
  • No spinning brush for rug/carpet attachments.

This vacuum is great if you need an inexpensive and/or lightweight unit to help reduce the allergens in your home, but it simply does not have the quality of more expensive canister vacuums.

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5. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister vacuum is said to be a vacuum that doesn’t lose suction. It doesn’t have filters that you have to wash or replace.

Dyson claims that it sucks up and contains microscopic dust that can cause other vacuums to slog up. Since you don’t have to buy any bags, you don’t need to worry about having to pay for bags later on.

Another unique feature of this vacuum is that, when it is accidentally hit, it rights itself, meaning it doesn’t fall over.

You don’t have to touch the dirt when you empty the canister because it has a hygienic dirt ejector. The carbon fiber turbine head picks up fine dust, and the vacuum features a 360 degree wand handle.

The Ball technology also allows you to move around obstacles easily.

The canister bin is high-capacity, and it comes with several extra tools to help you complete all manner of cleaning jobs. The wand reaches up to 4.1 feet, making it easier to reach difficult-to-reach areas.

The 5 year parts and labor warranty even includes free shipping to and from service centers around the U.S.

  • No cleaning or replacing of filters.
  • Great warranty.
  • Self-righting design.
  • You don’t have to touch the dirt when you empty the canister.
  • Ball technology makes it easy to move around objects.
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to switch attachments for some users.
  • Some parts may feel flimsy.
  • Have to use trigger mechanism to vacuum carpet.
  • expensive

Dyson is a brand leader in vacuums, but this vacuum seems to come with some difficulty in moving between hard floors and carpets. Using a trigger mechanism or attachments to vacuum carpet could be difficult for some users.

On the other hand, not having to replace or wash filters might trump any negatives.

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Final Verdict

Given the general light weight and extensive warranty that Dyson is known for, the Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister would be a good purchase for general cleaning and getting rid of allergens. You don’t have to buy bags or filters all the time, and the filters are easily cleanable.

When you empty the canister, the hygienic ejection system helps prevent your coming into contact with the dust and dander. While it’s not as self-contained as a bagged system, it is preferable to many users than having to buy bags regularly.

If you prefer a bagged vacuum, go with the Kenmore. Although heavier than the Hoover or Eureka, its longer cord length and generally better ability to clean will likely prove to be the better cleaning choice for your home and your allergies or asthma.

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