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How Do You Know if You’re Allergic to Pet Dander?

Dander is scales of skin that come off of animals. It is also the culprit of serious sneeze attacks, watery eyes, and many other allergic symptoms to millions of people.

You don’t really see dander much when you’re walking around your home, but it is there if you have a pet.

If you walk into a friend’s home who has a dog or cat, you may not notice dander there either. But if you start sneezing soon after you enter, you are probably having some sort of a negative reaction to the animal’s dander.

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Best Pet Dander Removal Sprays

Are you suffering from allergies or asthma triggered by pets? You’re not alone! ABC News reported that 15 percent of Americans are allergic to dogs and cats, and almost a third of people with asthma have pet allergies.

With such a large segment of the population affected by pet allergies, it’s little wonder that many people are looking for solutions! If you love your pet but need to control your allergies, you are in luck!

Here’s a little bit about how pet allergies work and some products that can help your control your allergies to dogs and cats.

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