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Where Does Dust Come From In Your House?

Even when looking around a picturesque house it’s easy to notice dust and wonder ‘where does dust come from in the house ?’.

Dust collects in the house and is a constant eyesore and continuous nuisance to most people. It seems to recollect as soon as it’s wiped away, and it does so with good reason.

Dust particles accumulate from several sources and are impossible to prevent altogether. For this reason, many people believe that dust is harmless even if it’s an annoyance.

What many people don’t realize is that dust can also have a negative effect on health by exacerbating conditions like allergies and asthma and causing discomfort and irritation as well.

Though dust is ever present and ever collecting, here’s some information that can help you understand just where does dust come from in the house and what you can do about it.

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