What Do Dust Mites Look Like? (Pictures & Videos)

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People often ask what do dust mites look like? Below is a collection of high-resolution dust mites pictures and videos.

Dust mite videos

Below is a video of a dust mite recorded using the Dino-Lite USB Handheld digital microscope at 200x magnification.


Another video in high resolution shows household dust and its contents, such as dead skin cells, pet dander, and moving dust mites.


The video below was shot using a low power Leica dissecting microscope, about 40X.


The video below shows household dust mites inside a pillow.



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Dust mites pictures

Dust mites are invisible to the human eye. Below are some nice, microscopic photos of dust mites (Scientific name: Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus) showing their translucent nature.House dust mites

The above photo was shot using Nikon Microscope Objective lens (Nikon M Plan 20x 210/0.4 ELWD) on bellow by Gilles San Martin.

Taking Dust mites pictures with camera


There are several methods for getting rid of dust mites and also several methods of dust mites detection, since they are invisible to a naked human eye.

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