How to Kill Dust Mites: Control and Removal Products Review

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Before start reviewing the best dust mite control and removal products which effectively kill dust mites.

Let me first address commonly asked questions; Why do we need to kill dust mites? and Does Lysol kill dust mites?

Quick summary of Dust Mites Control and Removal Products

Product NameIngredientsApplication areaPrice
Bosisto’s Dust Mite Wash
Natural Eucalyptus oilBedding and other machine washable itemsCheck Price
LysolEthyl alcohol, butane, propaneOn the air and surfacesCheck Price
ADS Anti-Allergen Dust Spray3% Tannic acid (tends to Stain)Carpet, area rugs and soft furnishings, non-light colored itemsCheck Price
ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray
Proprietary Information (No tannic acid, No Benzyl benzoate)Carpeting, Upholstery, Window Curtains, Vehicle Interiors, Pet Bedding and moreCheck Price
Allersearch X-MITE Moist Powder
Tannic acidCarpets and upholstered surfacesCheck Price
Allersearch Pet+ shampoo
Non-ionic surfactants, Proprietary natural anti-allergen base, and EmollientsPetsCheck Price
The Ecology Works® Dust Mite and Flea Control
BoronCarpets and upholstered surfacesCheck Price
Bosisto’s Allergen Laundry Liquid
Natural Eucalyptus oilBedding and other machine washable itemsCheck Price
Bosisto’s Dust Mite Spray
Natural Eucalyptus oilNon-washable itemsCheck Price

Why do we need to kill dust mites?

Exposure to dust mite allergen(fecal matter) can cause a number of complaints, ranging from simple nasal allergy symptoms, or irritation of the eyes to more serious conditions like eczema and even asthma.

Does Lysol kill dust mites?

Cleaning your home with regular cleaning products like Lysol® can help fight allergies by removing dust mite and other allergens from surfaces, but they just don’t have what it takes to neutralize allergens in the environment and eliminate the mites themselves.

Fortunately, there are a number of excellent products that aid in killing dust mites and preventing associated allergies.

According to this study products featuring the active ingredient tannic acid destroy allergens in the environment, while other products control the pests themselves as well as the allergens they leave behind.

Active ingredients such as benzyl benzoate, a reliable acaricide, and some essential oils, can help to kill mites and reduce allergens in your home.

Recommended best products to kill dust mites and denature allergens in your Environment

Best dust mite killing spray:Allersearch® ADMS (no tannic acid,no benzyl benzoate)

Use ADMS Anti-Allergen spray to eliminate allergens on carpet, upholstered furniture, window dressings, vehicle interiors, and pet bedding. ADMS Anti-Allergen Spray can even be applied to hard surfaces in your home.

After application, wait two to three hours until surfaces are dry, and then vacuum treated surfaces to remove and residue. A 32 oz. bottle will treat 600 square feet of surfaces. For best results, reapply every 30 days.

This non-toxic formula uses the active ingredient chlorine dioxide. Since it doesn’t rely on tannic acid or benzyl benzoate, it’s safe for light colored carpets and upholstery

Best dust mite killing spray:Allersearch® ADS™ (has tannic acid)

Apply a fine mist of ADS™ Anti-Allergen Dust Spray to the surface of carpets, rugs and soft household furniture to destroy dust mite and animal allergens.

After surfaces have dried, vacuum to remove residue and enjoy an instant reduction in allergic symptoms.

The safe, effective formula remains effective for up to 90 days between applications. A standard 32 oz. bottle will treat approximately 600 square feet.

ADS™ relies on the power of tannic acid to denature the proteins in dust mite and animal allergens rendering them harmless to you and your loved ones.

Best dust mite killing carpet spray:Allersearch® X-MITE®

When you want to clean your soft surfaces without shampoos, water or steam, X-MITE® Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaning Treatment is all you need.

Simply sprinkle carpets and upholstered surfaces with X-MITE® and work in with a brush.

Leave X-Mite® alone for three hours to do its work, then vacuum using a fresh vacuum bag. Reapply X-MITE® every 90 days to keep allergens in check and refresh your soft surfaces without wetting.

Allersearch® X-MITE®: Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaning Treatment is supplied in an easy to use pouch that will treat most average sized rooms once.

The gentle water-based cleaning solution in X-MITE® features tannic acid as its active ingredient. It’s safe for pets and people but will knock out allergens when used as directed.

Many lifelong allergy sufferers have finally found relief after using Allersearch® X-MITE®: Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaning Treatment to remove dust mite allergens from their homes.

It’s a great measure to use as you move into a new living space where you have to deal with the aftermath of those who lived there before you.

Best Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo:Allersearch® Pet+™

Pet+™: Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo is a great way to reduce your pet dander allergies at the source. Simply shampoo your pet with this product and enjoy relief from your pet based allergy symptoms.

Pet+™ is safe to use as frequently as once each week, and is effective for many users when used on a monthly basis.

The non-toxic formula is safe for pets and people and protects against fleas and ticks as well as keeping dust mites at bay.

Pet lovers with asthma and allergies tout Pet+™: Anti-Allergen Pet Shampoo as one of the best additions to their preventative treatment routine.

Allergy response is reduced immediately upon use and the lather from Pet+™ is a luxurious feature of the allergy sufferer’s pet grooming routine.

Killing dust mites with natural products

Below are recommended natural products to kill dust mites most of them use Eucalyptus oil which has been found by scientific studies to be effective in killing dust mites.

Best natural dust mite killing powder:The Ecology Works® Dust Mite and Flea Control

The Ecology Works® Dust Mite and Flea Control is a natural product that may be used in powder form or mixed with water to treat soft household surfaces.

The active ingredient is a derivative of boron, a natural element that aids in plant growth and helps our bodies to use calcium properly.

Borates have long been used for the safe and effective control of insects and arachnids. A single two-pound bag of The Ecology Works® Dust Mite and Flea Control will treat up to 800 Square feet in the average home.

Best natural dust mite laundry additive:Bosisto’s Dust Mite Wash

bosisto dust mite wash

Bosisto’s Dust Mite Wash is a laundry preparation which has been clinically proven to kill 99% of dust mites it comes into contact with.

It also does a wonderful job of removing allergens already present, for a clean, allergen-free wash every time. Just pour it into your wash load, let the load soak for a bit and wash as usual.

Bosisto’s Dust Mite Wash is recommended for monthly use to control dust mites and allergens in bedding and other machine washable items.

The secret to Boisisto’s success is simple, it features natural Eucalyptus oil, one of the best essential oils for killing mites.

Boisisto’s is easy on fabrics and doesn’t require the use of hot water like many other products so even your gentle cycle items can be allergen free with a simple wash.

Best natural dust mite laundry liquid:Bosisto’s Allergen Laundry Liquid

bosisto laundry liquid

Bosisto’s Allergen Laundry Liquid is a laundry preparation intended for regular use in place of an ordinary laundry detergent. It’s super concentrated, so just a capful will wash a medium load in a front loading washer.

When used regularly Bosisto’s Allergen Laundry Liquid will remove allergens from your laundry safely and effectively without irritating your skin as some chemical preparations can.

The secret to the Bosisto’s line is natural eucalyptus oil which not only eliminates dust mites and allergens but leaves laundry with a clean fresh botanical scent that isn’t just there to mask harsh chemicals.

Eucalyptus is the secret to Bosisto’s success.

Best natural dust mite killing spray:Bosisto’s Dust Mite Spray

bosisto dust mite spray

Bosisto’s Dust Mite Spray is an extremely effective natural premise spray that will kill dust mites in your home and reduce allergen problems dramatically.

Simply spray surfaces with Bosisto’s Dust Mite Spray and let it sit for an hour or two before vacuuming.

When applying Bosisto’s Dust Mite Spray, spray every square meter for approximately 30 seconds to ensure proper application.

For best results reapply monthly to allow the natural eucalyptus oil kill dust mites and refresh your surfaces with the clean scent Australia has given the world.


Allergy sufferers have many choices when it comes to killing dust mites and preventing associated allergies. Many of the best solutions are natural and non-toxic to people and their pets.

Whichever product you choose, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for best results.


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