Vellux Original and Plush Blankets Review

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Vellux blankets are a top choice for both hotel chains and families with children. 

When you take a look at the quality, comfort, and hypoallergenic qualities of Vellux blankets, it’s easy to see why so many people love them.

Besides being oh-so-soft, these cozy blankets also are the best choice for keeping away dust mites.


What is a Vellux Blanket Made Of?

Vellux blankets are 100% polyester. They are composed of two layers of polyurethane foam sandwiched between fabric made from millions high-tech nylon fibers.

This composition creates the perfect blanket for snuggling allergen-free; it’s warm but not stuffy, light but thick, and comfortable without the usual dust mite interlopers.

Vellux Blanket Features

There are dozens of options you can choose from when selecting a Vellux blanket. The blankets come in twin, queen/full, and king sizes, so everyone in the family can have one.

There are lots of color options, too! You’ll almost certainly be able to find one to match your décor. There are currently nine different colors available, ranging from light blue to deep red to brown.

Vellus Blanket Washing Instructions

You can wash your Vellux blanket either by hand or in the washing machine. You need to wash the blanket at least every six months. Don’t use bleach in the wash, and be sure to line dry.

Be sure to wash Vellux blankets on gentle and cold settings, because some consumers on an Amazon forum have reported heavy damage or even disintegration in hot washing cycles.

Dry on low or hang to dry. If you store your blanket for longer than six months without washing it, there is a high risk of disintegration in the wash. 

Do not store them in a bag or they will turn to sludge in the washer.

Two Most Popular Vellux Models

1.Vellux Original Blanket

The Vellux Original Blanket is a proven favorite for consumers, particularly those with dust mite allergies. 

The blanket is soft and warm, with a velvety feel. It keeps away dust mites, controls temperature, and helps you have sweet dreams.


  • Cool in the summer
  • Warm in the winter
  • Comfort
  • Not too heavy
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for those with allergies, particularly dust mite allergies
  • Is a generous size, even a little bigger than you would expect
  • Feels nice to the touch
  • Not bulky
  • Feels like sleeping in a luxury hotel every night
  • Does not pill


  • Can’t be stored for long periods of time
  • Must be washed exactly according to instructions
  • Newer versions don’t last as long as older versions
  • Sometimes, the layers tear apart
  • Occasionally disintegrate in the washer

2.Vellux Plush Blanket

The Vellux plush blanket is essentially the same as the original version, except that it’s heavier and warmer. Like the original, Vellux Plush is hypoallergenic and delightfully soft.


  • Soft
  • Comfortable
  • Very warm
  • Allows you to be cool enough during warm weather, despite its excellence at keeping you warm during cold nights
  • Softer with every wash
  • Feels like velvet
  • Doesn’t feel uncomfortable on dry skin


  • Sometimes gives static electricity
  • Smells a little funny at first
  • Has a pilling problem
  • Poor naming for some colors. Not descriptive of actual colors
  • Too thin for some people’s preferences


The author’s opinion is that Vellux blankets are an excellent choice. As someone who prefers soft blankets over puffy comforters, Vellux blankets are my ideal choice for nighttime.

These blankets are rather overpriced, but the softness and comfort are worth it, especially if you need something that keeps away dust mites. The original is a better choice than the plush, since the plush has a problem with pilling.

As long as you don’t mind the finicky care requirements, Vellux blankets are a great choice for anyone with dust mite allergies—or anyone who wants to sleep under a super-comfy blanket.

Where to Buy Vellux Blankets

Vellux blankets are easy to find. You can buy them at pretty much any big-name home store, as well as many of the smaller ones. Khols, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many other stores sell Velux products.

If you can’t find them in-store, you can certainly find them online through any major retailer.

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