Asthma During Pregnancy – Know The Facts And The Things That You Can Do

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting phases in a woman’s life. Physical changes may be accompanied by changes in your mood or emotions. You may not know exactly what to expect every single day. You may feel uneasy, tired, or even cranky today and hyper and happy the next day. With all these changes, the very last thing that you would want to think about and experience is an asthma attack.

Asthma is a known comorbidity during pregnancy and its prevalence is continuously increasing. Exacerbations are major problems, occurring in up to 45%. Nearly half of all pregnant women with asthma ask for medical help. This may result in poor outcomes for moms and their newborns. There is a risk for preterm delivery and low birth weight.

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Allergy Relief – Kill Dust Mites with Portable Carpet Cleaners

Are you suffering from asthma or any other types of allergy? According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation, nearly 50 million people in the US suffer from nasal allergies. For most cases, the trigger is a microscopy bug called dust mite. Luckily, you can now get effective allergy relief with the use of high-quality, portable carpet cleaners.

Let’s try to know more about dust mites first.

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Things You Must Know to Care for Babies with Asthma

Asthma is a very common lung disease causes coughing, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing. Researches would say that asthma results from hypersensitivity of the airways. If someone with asthma is exposed to allergens, his or her airway will start to constrict and inflammation of the tissues immediately follows. At the same time, there will be excessive production of mucus in an attempt to clear out the allergens in the airways. A constricted, inflamed airway with too much mucus will really cause difficulty in breathing.

Allergies and asthma usually go together in babies and toddlers. According to Dr. Moss from the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, approximately 80% of kids with asthma also have allergic rhinitis. Allergy triggers for asthma in kids are very much common.

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Easy to Use Kits Can Help Reduce Dust Mite Allergen Levels

Dust mites are very small creatures that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. They measure 0.4 millimeters long and commonly feast on flakes of the human skin. Their poops contain a substance known as DerP1. This is a very potent allergen. Patients who have allergies may present with symptoms similar to asthma or eczema.

Many of us think that replacing bed covers and pillows on a regular basis secures us from dust mites thriving in colonies. Those who have allergies to dust mites do need to take preventive measure. But how do we know if what we are doing is good enough for protection?

This is where specific dust mite test kits become very important.

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Never Get Caught Unaware of Asthma! It Can Be Dangerous!

Asthma is a serious condition, but a timely intervention can help big time! Uncontrolled asthma has become a significant problem. In 2010, more than 3,550 Americans died from asthma attacks and approximately 20 million suffer from asthma, making it one of the top 10 chronic diseases by prevalence. Even if fatality has decreased with the introduction of effective medications over the past few years, you should never ignore a flare-up.  Even if there is no cure for asthma, a strict compliance to the most appropriate treatment option can help avoid flare-ups.

It is known that a treated patient can live a normal life. But what happens to those who are untreated? The dangers of untreated asthma can be troublesome not only in terms of health but also financially. They may range from everyday discomforts to long hospital stays or even death.

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