Allergy Relief – Kill Dust Mites with Portable Carpet Cleaners

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Are you suffering from asthma or any other types of allergy? According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation, nearly 50 million people in the US suffer from nasal allergies. For most cases, the trigger is a microscopy bug called dust mite. Luckily, you can now get effective allergy relief with the use of high-quality, portable carpet cleaners.

Let’s try to know more about dust mites first.

What Are Dust Mites?

You won’t see dust mites using your naked eyes. They are too small, measuring just about one-third of a millimeter. You need a microscope to be able to view them. They are white in color with 8 legs. Their average lifespan is 2-4 months. A female dust mite can lay approximately 100 eggs during their lifetime. If the environment is suitable, they can multiply more frequently.

Dust mites do have a purpose. They feed on the tiny flakes on the skin that you shred every single day. By doing so, they can help clean our environment. However, if you have allergies, you won’t find them helpful. Their fecal matter contains a protein that can act as a potent allergen. These creatures commonly thrive in the fibers of your carpets.

To get an effective relief, you have to remove their dropping and kill them. A high-quality carpet cleaner is a must if you have asthma or allergies.

Killing Dust Mites Using Portable Carpet Cleaners

One effective way to kill dust mites is to vacuum your carpets regularly. These machines can help remove both the droppings and the dead skin cells that they feed upon.
You have to use a top-quality product to make sure that the pores of the carpet will be reached to eliminate dust mites and other contaminants completely.

It has been proven that high-quality carpet cleaners can help reduce the number of dust mites by nearly 90%.

Choosing the Best Portable Carpet Cleaners

1. Anti-Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner by ToastyH

Who wouldn’t want to get rid of irritating dust mites and other microbes in our common places like bedrooms and entertainment rooms? We spend most of our time at home in these areas to relax. It’s just right to clean them with high-tech and efficient cleaning products with sterilization. This product from ToastyH can do just all that! Its UV sterilization can damage the damp environment, which serves as breeding sites for dust mites. This product can kill bed bugs, mites, and other organisms for up to 99.9%. It makes use of HEPA Filtration that can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns.

This is very lightweight and easy to use. You just have to plug it then you’re ready to play. It has unique pressure-sensitive rolling wheels that will prevent UV leak, guaranteeing a safer operation. You can use this on your mattresses, pillows, sofas, toys, curtains, towels, and of course carpets.

It comes with a 24 months warranty. This carpet cleaner will surely make your day effortless and productive!

2. Housmile 12KPa Powerful Suction UV Sanitizing Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for a very powerful and yet portable carpet cleaner, this product could just be your perfect match! This product from Housmile makes use of ultra-strong suctions that can do work up to 12KPa. This power can effectively eliminate dust mite matters, viruses, bacteria, and more. It has a very unique structural design perfect for carpet cleaning. It has a very compact shape with a telescopic handle.

Aside from its powerful suctions, this product is different from others because of its sterilization capacity. It makes use of UV-C technology to ensure effective killing of microbes. Killing rate is almost 99.7%. It is also equipped with advanced High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration that can capture 99.97% of particles, including the smallest ones.

UV-C penetrates the outer cell structures of microbes and alters their DNA molecule. This will prevent them from replicating and eventually cause them to die. This technique has been proven to be effective against dust mites, bed bugs, fungus, and common bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus.

This is very safe to use. It has 3 micro wheels that will ensure that the UV bulb will not be activated by the user by accident. The UV light will just turn on once the wheels touch an object completely.

3. OR&DK Anti-dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner

If you want a chic, portable cleaner for your carpets, mattresses, pillows, and sofas, look no further. This Pink colored UV vacuum cleaner is perfect for your needs and style. This product is very effective in eliminating dust mites. Its UV C-Lamp can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and other allergens.

What makes this different from other products is its cyclonic design. It offers a high separation efficiency, giving better suction and less filter maintenance. There is less noise because of its copper coils and silencer covers. You can use this any time of the day, without disturbing other family members.
You can clean it easily. The filter can be washed together with the dust collector.

Investing in a quality, portable carpet cleaner to fight your allergy triggers does not only improve your quality of life, it can likewise help you save some money.

Having a clean home with clean air are some of the key factors for effective allergy relief. If you are suffering from allergies or asthma, get one of these top-quality carpet cleaners now to ditch out potent allergens.

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