Do Electronic Dust Mite Controllers Really Work?

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Dust mites fecal matter (allergens) trigger many respiratory diseases including asthma. Over the years, many remedies have been approved by authorities. There are medicines, exercises and advised changes like using mattress covers.

In recent times, electronic dust mite controllers or repellents (using ultrasonic techniques) have been experimented with to try and see if they can get rid of dust mites or at least help people suffering from allergies caused by dust mites.

Scientific research as to whether or not electronic dust mite controllers or repellents really work


Three studies conducted at the Allergy Centre of Mandic Merate Hospital in Italy have inferred that ultrasound is not only an effective dust mite repellent but it also helps mitigate the symptoms of allergies and reduce the frequency of resorting to medicines.

The three clinical trials focused on patients suffering from allergies caused by dust mites.One trial used ultrasonic dust mite controllers, the second one used a mattress cover and the third used chemical acaricide.

First Clinical Trial

There were twenty patients in a protected environment where ultrasonic dust mite controllers were installed.

Twenty patients were in a control group without any protected environment.

The patients in the protected environment and those in the control group were observed for three months.

In the end, it was observed that the patients who had the dust mite repellent experienced 28% fewer symptoms and there was a 22% dip in the use of drugs.

Second Clinical Trial

Fifteen patients were in a protected environment using ultrasonic dust mite controllers and fifteen patients used a mattress cover.

An additional fifteen patients were in a control group without the mattress cover and without the plug in dust mite controllers.

The results were similar to the first trial.

It was observed that those in the protected environment and those using the mattress cover did not feel the frequent need to take their medicines and the symptoms were far less pronounced than normal. In some cases, there were no symptoms.

Third Clinical Trial

Used ultrasonic dust mite controllers for fifteen patients and an additional fifteen patients were given a chemical acaricide.

Fifteen more patients were in a control group without either of the two preventers.

The results were again the same.There was a reduction of symptoms by more than 20% with the chemical acaricide, just as with the ultrasonic dust mite controllers.

Those in the control group had no changes in the frequency of resorting to medicines or the severity of the symptoms.

Conclusion of the study

The clinical trials and the subsequent assessments show that ultrasonic dust mite controllers work.

Doctors have tried to explain the possible reasons why the dust mite repellent actually works. One hypothesis is that the ultrasound or noise scaling at 40,000 Hz is a disturbance for house dust mites.

While not acting as a physical barrier, it does disturb the reproductive cycle and also the fecal matter of the mites. It is being believed that the ultrasound leads to the allergens becoming inert and hence they don’t cause the allergies and help the symptoms to subside.

Dust mite controller reviews

ultrasonic dust mite controller or repellent vermatik

Vermatik, a leading brand of pest control in the UK having been around for more than three decades, it makes some of the best dust mite repellents in the market.

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How it works

A dust mite controller is a small device capable of generating two ultrasonic ranges of frequencies, from 22,000 Hz to 40,000 Hz and 40,000 Hz to 60,000 Hz which is inaudible to humans but audible to insects such as dust mites.

This frequency range disturbs and irritates the dust mites which force them to move away from the disturbance.

Where To Use

Vermatik dust mite controllers work against the dust mites in bedding materials, pillows, beds, mattresses, carpets, curtains and upholstery. The device interrupts the breeding and feeding habits of dust mites by reducing the level of dust mite in your room or home by up to 54%.

It is good enough for a hundred to a hundred fifty square feet room, not larger.


The device is pet-friendly and pets wouldn’t be harmed in any way. There are no health hazards. The twin pack comes with two devices for two bedrooms, both with two ultrasonic ranges of frequencies. The device is environment-friendly and has twelve months limited warranty.

The Vermatik dust mite repellent doesn’t interfere with any other appliance in your home. It is a turnkey solution. You just plug it in and start using it.

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