Do Electronic Dust Mite Controllers Really Work?

Dust mites fecal matter(allergens) trigger many respiratory diseases including asthma. Over the years, many remedies have been approved by authorities. There are medicines, exercises and advised changes like using mattress covers.

In recent times, electronic dust mite controllers or repellents (using ultrasonic techniques) have been experimented with to try and see if they can get rid of dust mites or at least help people suffering from allergies caused by dust mites.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dust mites Allergies & Asthma Sufferers

Dyson makes some of the World’s BEST Vacuum Cleaners for dust mites allergies and asthma sufferers.

Thirteen years ago, Dyson built a microbiology lab to research dust mites. In this laboratory, Dyson microbiologists breed household dust mite cultures.

This makes it possible for these scientists to study and truly understand the lifestyle of dust mites and the allergens that they produce and how to get rid of them.

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